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  • Kerby Rosanes, (aut.)
  • Plume
  • 1(10/2018)
  • 48 pages
  • ISBN: 0525536736 ISBN-13: 9780525536734
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  • 12,9€ 12,25€ 

A fantastic new, single-sided adult coloring book from the bestselling artist behind Fantomorphia, Mythomorphia, and Animorphia.

An amazing coloring challenge featuring the strange and superdetailed images of artist Kerby Rosanes. Kerby works in intricately detailed black-and-white lines to create creatures, characters, patterns, and tiny elements to form massive compositions of mind-boggling complexity. His second single-sided book invites readers to complete the drawings and find hidden treasures and creatures scattered throughout its pages.

Geomorphia is packed full of intricate images of stunning creatures and landscapes morphing and shapeshifting into Kerby’s signature, breathtaking scenes. The world that he imagines will excite and transport drawers, as he brings this beautiful fantasyscape and its creatures to life.


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