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The loss of intervocalic /d/ in European Peninsular Spanish

  • Estrada Arráez, Ana, (aut.)
  • Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca
  • (08/06/2020)
  • 190 pages
  • Language: Ingl├ęs
  • ISBN: 841311148X ISBN-13: 9788413111483
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The loss of intervocalic /d/ is a very widespread phenomenon in European Spanish, where it appears in contexts in which it would be impossible in other Spanish-speaking regions. Many studies address this subject from different perspectives, but they only offer a partial view of the situation in the Iberian Peninsula. The present work provides an overview of the phenomenon in European peninsular Spanish based on the data from two corpora that cover most of the territory, namely the Linguistic Atlas of the Iberian Peninsula (ALPI) and the Audible Corpus or Rural Spoken Spanish (COSER). The study of these data, both geographically and with quantitative analyses, offers new insights into the situation and evolution of the phenomenon.



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