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The Year 2019

  • Fleaming, Biene, (aut.)
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  • (24/02/2020)
  • 90 pages
  • ISBN: 3750407517 ISBN-13: 9783750407510
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It's a representation at a time when everything seems to be getting mixed up. The year 2019 will have been a year like any other for many. But for us the year 2019 will be a new beginning: to see it as it is.
We are in a very negative climate change, which we cannot stop ourselves, which we have to endure with all its losses. But we ourselves, the "little people" or anyone who is interested in nature, have to do everything possible to protect our environment und slowing down climate change a little bit.
How's that? By creating and maintaining tiny protected areas for ourselves or others for humans, animals and nature.
This is an excerpt from 2019 from a tiny protection zone for animals and nature. This is our house and yard. It is the love for the birds, which very early in the darkness exchange information about the environment.
And when you go out, you hear the birds as they are: social, awake and peaceful.


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