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The Wisdom of Patience (Ebook)

  • Elijah Edache Ehoche, (aut.)
  • (12/06/2021)
  • Language: Ingl├ęs
  • ISBN: EB9783748785507
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Success in the christian race aside salvation is made possible by acquiring/developing and manifesting virtues like patience. I mean patience with God, oneself and other people. According to the author, life is worth living if lived in patient principles and eternal damnation can be avoided, walking through life in patience. Patience is perseverance, endurance, forebearance, ability to wait a little or stay action for a moment so to achieve desired results. Patience is a fruit of the Spirit as love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. These are interdependent for a fruitful Christian life. There are really no shortcuts in life. Between every initiative and the product is the process that demands patience. This occurs in different shades and several experiences dotted throughout scriptures. It is noteworthy, that the pains and calamity of impatience far outways the rewards of patience! This is a critical choice that has to be made. I am richly blessed by this timely piece and do recommend it to every serious minded Christian willing to have a quality and productive life here on earth and make heaven seamlessly. Dr. Mike Omale Author, Researcher and Pastor This book will give you the right view on patience and its application in this modern generation of impatient people. Patience is still a very mandatory virtue for the fulfilment of purpose and can be learned by the wisdom of experience or studies such as this. Ehoche Edache Elijah Ehoche Edache Elijah(B.Tech, M Tech.) is a young enthusiastic learner and Biochemist. He has authored a number of resourceful and inspiring publications including poems, articles and books such as Almajiri, think about the solution, the future of Africa, the chemistry of condiments in man, etc.



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