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The Story of Our Life: A Bittersweet Love Story

  • Shari Low, (aut.)
  • Aria
  • (01/06/2017)
  • 326 pages
  • Language: EspaƱol
  • ISBN: 1786692457 ISBN-13: 9781786692450
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  • 10,95€ 10,4€ 

Unwind, laugh, cry... but feel uplifted with this bittersweet love story. Perfect for the fans of Jo-Jo Moyes and Marian Keyes. So what would you do if your husband slept with another woman? Colm strolled into my life fifteen years ago. If there?s ever such a thing as love at first sight, that was it for us both. A few weeks later we married, celebrating with those who cared, ignoring the raised eyebrows of the cynics. We knew better. This was going to be forever. The dream come 1. The happy ever after. Because a couple of months ago everything changed. We discovered a devastating truth, one that blew away our future and forced us to revisit our past, to test the bonds that were perhaps more fragile than they seemed. So now I ask you again, what would you do if your husband slept with another woman? Because this is what I did. I?m Shauna. And this is the Story of Our Life...


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