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The Originality of Species

  • Seiler, Thomas, (aut.)
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  • 2(2011)
  • 16 pages
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  • ISBN: 3842330898 ISBN-13: 9783842330894
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The idea of evolution suggests that all natural species have one common ancestor, or a few of them, and that over very many generations a continuous gradual change produced the diversity of all biological species observed today. It suggests a development from simpler life forms to more complex ones, introducing a multitude of new organs and functional structures which did not exist in the beginning. According to this concept, mainly mutation and natural selection are the driving forces that bring about a gradual evolution towards more complex life.

However, the results of scientific examinations in different research areas delivered no proof for the theory of evolution. On the other hand, the most basic natural law, the absence of evolving organs and logical considerations deliver proof of the contrary and lead to the conclusion that evolution did not happen and can never happen. Natural species are not connected by common descent. Within the framework of their natural variability they have always been the same since their origin - an origin which cannot be attributed to any observable or reproducible natural process.


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