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The Mystery of the Yellow Room

  • Leroux, Gaston; Gray, Alasdair, (aut.)
  • Fletcher & Co. Publishers
  • (19/03/2014)
  • Language: Ingl├ęs
  • ISBN: 0989331091 ISBN-13: 9780989331098
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We bring you this edition of The Mystery of the Yellow Room -Gaston Leroux’s famous detective novel.Published in 1907, The Mystery of the Yellow Room was France’s reply to Sherlock Holmes. This novel ranks among the first "locked room" mysteries, in which a crime has occurred under seemingly impossible circumstances. The plot technique has since been imitated by other masters of detective fiction, including Agatha Christie, Ellery Queen and Dorothy Sayers.* Illustrated with 30+ historical paintings and illustrations from 19th century France.* Author/editor Alastair Gray has enhanced this with a new introduction and author biography.* Other changes include adaptation of chapter titles and text from archaic Victorian to standard English.This edition has been carefully edited to preserve the author’s original work. Also features updated maps.News of a strange crime spreads like wildfire in Paris. Someone has attempted to murder the daughter of a brilliant scientist. But nobody can explain how the murderer got in and out of the locked room of her isolated country home. Only Joseph Rouletabille, an impatient young journalist, has the genius to solve this crime. But can he match wits with a seemingly supernatural killer?


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