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Tècniques d’anàlisi turística

  • Coenders Gallart, Germà ... [et al.], (aut.)
  • Documenta Universitaria
  • 1ª ed., 1ª imp.(11/02/2009)
  • 312 pages; 24x16 cm
  • Language: Catal├ín
  • ISBN: 8496742954 ISBN-13: 9788496742956
  • Cover: Rústica con solapas
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This book is a selection of tourist standard investigative techniques, current and easy to assimilate, and sets out in sufficient detail so that students can apply independently and critically. \n The choice devotes a large part of the project to the statistical method. Includes descriptive statistics and univariate and bivariate inferential statistics for numeric variables and qualitative. It also includes the decomposition of time series. However, the statistic is only part of a much broader process of the research design, data collection, analysis and interpretation. It is the common expression 'garbage in garbage out' to say that the poor quality of data is always passed to the results. This book teaches how to obtain quality data through surveys. \n The main innovation of the authors avoid the mathematical complexity. Explain the statistical inference by replacing the intuitive mathematical reasoning, and probability for simulation. This does not mean that the inference manege with superficiality. Rather, they explain in detail the conditions of application of each technique, an exploratory analysis to see if these conditions are met, and provide examples of applications and misconceptions of what can be concluded and what not. The reader will learn not only to make inferences, but to read critically. \n Each chapter includes applications with SPSS, solved problems and issues proposed. The concepts include notes explaining historical importance whom, when, in what context and for what purpose the first proposed. \n


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