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  • Simmons, Naomi Andrea, (aut.)
  • Pearson Educación
  • 1(2011)
  • ISBN: 8498372631 ISBN-13: 9788498372632
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  • 148,6€ 141,17€ 

Ricky the Robot is the new course that really reflects young children’s tastes and interests. The course meets the needs of any pre-primary teacher. In its components and configuration, Ricky the Robot offers all the best features of quality pre-primary education material combined with the best English Language Teaching methodology, contents and design, especially the wide range of audiovisual and multimedia support material for teachers. Ricky is an attractive robot designed in 3-D who will lead children into a world of adventures where they learn English in all sorts of different contexts. Pupils can revisit the stories at home with their parents in 3D versions of the reader on their own Ricky-ROM. /ricky



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