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Pocket Facts: Red: Level 7: Titanic Tragedy

  • Penrose, Jane, (aut.)
  • Heinemann Educational Books
  • (29/04/2005)
  • Language: Ingl├ęs
  • ISBN: 0602242061 ISBN-13: 9780602242060
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Pocket Facts is part of Pocket Reads, a superb collection of quality books that really capture children's imaginations! Pocket Reads have fantastic breadth and variety of genre, with Pocket Sci-Fi, Pocket Tales and Pocket Chillers making up the rest of the collection of independent readers. The fiction books are beautifully illustrated and are guaranteed to appeal to even the most reluctant of readers. The non-fiction readers are equally as stunning and will captivate and excite children with fascinating facts. The 105 pocket-sized fiction and non-fiction readers have each been carefully levelled to the National Curriculum and Book-Banded to ensure children make progression. You can therefore be assured that every reading experience is one that counts.


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