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Of All That Ends

  • Günter Grass, (aut.)
  • Vintage
  • 1(27/11/2017)
  • 176 pages
  • ISBN: 1784703680 ISBN-13: 9781784703684
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The final work of Nobel Prize-winning writer G?nter Grass - a witty and elegiac series of meditations on writing, growing old, and the world. Suddenly, in spite of the trials of old age, and with the end in sight, everything seems possible again: love letters, soliloquies, scenes of jealousy, swan songs, social satire, and moments of happiness. Only an ageing artist who had once more cheated death could get to work with such wisdom, defiance and wit. A wealth of touching stories is condensed into artful miniatures. In a striking interplay of poetry, lyric prose and drawings, Grass creates his final, major work of art. A moving farewell gift, a sensual, melancholy summation of a life fully lived.



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