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Llenos de rabia

  • Alapont, Pasqual ... [et al.], (aut.)
  • Solà, Raquel, (tr.)
  • Editorial Edebé
  • 1ª ed., 1ª imp.(10/2005)
  • 176 pages; 21x13 cm
  • Language: Español
  • ISBN: 8423674789 ISBN-13: 9788423674787
  • Cover: Rústica
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Enrique is an introverted solitary. He suffers together with his mother, the continuous abuse of his father, a man with a drinking problem. Enrique feels insecure, indecisive, and unsure of what path to take in life. For this reason, he makes friends with a guay known as Arthur, a former student of his institute, and who does not enjoy a good reputation for their ongoing crimes in the neighborhood, but, fortunately, Enrique will also make friends with Isabel, an attractive classmate, and Nuria, his philosophy professor. A novel sincere, real and raw, like life itself. Rights sold to Mexico.


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