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Level Up Maths:Levels 4-6 Pupil Bk

  • AA.VV., (aut.)
  • 1ª ed.(01/06/2008)
  • ISBN: 0435537318 ISBN-13: 9780435537319
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To ensure clear progression for every pupil, we have divided the course into four Pupil Books, supported by three Access Workbooks. Maths is put into contexts that make sense to pupils, showing them how it relates to other subjects and how useful it is in everyday life. With each concept presented in a clear, relevant and engaging way, pupils will be inspired to succeed!

  • Levelled key points and practice questions provide explicit differentiation.
  • High impact images put maths in an exciting context.
  • Stimulating, fun and exciting activities provide a memorable learning experience.
  • Extended activities give pupils plenty of opportunities for problem solving and peer discussion.
  • SAT-style questions at the end of every Unit ensure pupils are fully prepared.


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