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La casa del acantilado

  • Meabe, Miren Agur, (aut.)
  • Meabe, Miren Agur, (tr.)
  • Editorial Edebé
  • 1ª ed., 5ª imp.(11/2005)
  • 136 pages; 21x13 cm
  • Language: Español
  • ISBN: 8423676706 ISBN-13: 9788423676705
  • Cover: Rústica
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  • 10,2€ 9,69€ 

«My name is Joanna. I just came back, after spending some years far away from here. I just came back to my home town. I brought my notebook, my violet notebook, where I have written all my angels and demons. I am on the cliff. Darkness is not stronger than me. And on this notebook is written my story. Then I was 16...» A love and horror story, a love that will fight a spell, an ancient mystery that is still looking for blood.


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