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La Prunera (Sant Joan les Fonts, la Garrotxa):Un assentament neolític del IV/III mil·leni cal BC en el Prepirineu català

  • Gabriel Alcalde i Gurt,Gabriel; Borrell Tena,Ferran; Burjachs Casas,Francesc, (aut.)
  • Documenta Universitaria
  • (2016)
  • 208 pages; 25,0 x 18,0 cm
  • Language: Catal├ín
  • ISBN: 8499843301 ISBN-13: 9788499843308
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  • 35€ 33,25€ 

About 5,000 years ago, a community was established in the plan of San Cosme, in the town of Sant Joan les Fonts, in the Garrotxa. The preservers of this settlement form what is now known as the Prunera archaeological site.\n\nIn this book the results of preventive archaeological excavation of this site, caused by work on the N260 road that took place between 1999 and 2001. It is an interdisciplinary research in which, by different specialists present, analysis of the various categories of archaeological materials recovered addressed.\n\nThe integrated study results has allowed characterize the landscape of the time and organization and economic strategies followed by the communities that inhabited this territory at the end of the Neolithic.\n


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