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Jesus in the Book of Revelation

  • Vetne, Reimar, (aut.)
  • Bibloy Press
  • (03/04/2016)
  • 138 pages
  • Language: Ingl├ęs
  • ISBN: 8283020013 ISBN-13: 9788283020014
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Revelation, the last book in the Christian Bible, is full of strange and spectacular symbols and images — think cryptic numbers like 144,000, a dragon, a bottomless abyss, and seven spirits around God's throne. But first and foremost it is a revelation about Jesus Christ.

While you need to know what all the strange symbols and codes in the book of Revelation mean (and this book will explain things clearly step by step), most of all you need to discover that Jesus is the Savior who died for you and me and the King who will come back to rescue us and bring us home.

This book follows the so-called 'historicist' way of interpreting Revelation, which was the most common method of prophetic interpretation for most of Christian history–from the early church through the Middles Ages and until modern times.

Whether you are fairly new to the Bible, or you have studied the Bible and the book of Revelation for many years, this easy to read guidebook will open the cryptic world of Revelation for you.

The author, Reimar Vetne, is Associate Professor of New Testament at Pacific Union College, Angwin, California.



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