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Guide to Learning the Art of Critical Thinking: Conceptualizing, Analyzing, Evaluating, Reasoning & Communication (Ebook)

  • Stephen Berkley, (aut.)
  • (10/09/2021)
  • Language: Ingl├ęs
  • ISBN: EB9783986478216
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Formato: Epub Marca de agua digital

Critical thinking is actually analyzing information to make a judgment out of it. It is an art which can be learned by some stratgies. A person having skills of critical thinking can better analyze facts & information.Now a days, organizations hire people not on the basis of their academic skills but their scope of handling problems.It includes unbiased analysis of the given facts and helps you getting good grades in college and improve your perfomance at work.This ebook guide will teach you:- Improving your thinking process- The importance of critical thinking- Inculcate the skill of critical thinking- Important skills for critical thinking- How to search information- How to analyze data- Determining relevance- Important steps to master the process of critical thinking- & much more!!!If you want to learn the art of critical thinking then this guide is for you.--> Scroll to the top of the page and click add to cart to purchase instantly Author is a freelance writer and has sold many copies.



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