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Edexcel A2 Pe Student Book

  • Hill, Lord, (aut.)
  • Edexcel Limited
  • 1(27/03/2009)
  • 320 pages
  • ISBN: 0435500600 ISBN-13: 9780435500603
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Written by Chief and Principal Examiners and the Chief Moderator. With questions and model 'A' answers, examiner feedback, checklists, revision sections and tips.

Delivers all you need for the new Edexcel specification

Written by an expert author team, the A2 Student Book offers complete coverage of the new specification with a strong focus on assessment throughout. The Exam Café feature provides every student with a motivating way to thoroughly prepare for their exams. Exam Café contains the following to help with assessment and revision:

  • Exemplar Material – model questions with answers at ‘A’ grade, plus examiner feedback to help show students what they need to do to improve. The style of questions reflect those required for the 'stretch and challenge' element of the A2 syllabus.
  • Content coverage checklists – to ensure students know what they are required to know and understand for each chapter.
  • 'Revise as you go' sections provide a series of questions at the end of each chapter and the answers at the back of the book to help students see how they are progressing.
  • Student tips provide handy advice from fellow students about general revision and exam experiences.
  • Examiner’s tips – advice from the examiner specific to the Edexcel qualification.
Additional content to support with assessment:
  • 'Stretch and challenge' features contain stretch questions to test the more able student. For A2 these questions contain extended answers to enable students going for A* to practice these types of questions and get used to the command words they will face in the exam.
Other features of the Student Book include:
  • In each chapter - learning outcomes at the start, and content summaries at the end to ensure students are aware of the learning they need to achieve.
  • 'Key terms' – a boxed feature containing explanations of key words.
  • Case studies of real-life examples with questions to extend the learning point.
  • 'Apply it!' features give examples to reinforce how the theory is used in practice, in real-life situations.
  • 'Hot links' are website-related activities to help with additional research.

Contents Listing

Unit 3 Preparation for Optimum Sports Performance
Part A Short-Term Preparation
Chapter 1 Short term physiological preparation
Chapter 2 Short term psychological preparation
Chapter 3 Short term technical preparation
Chapter 4 Fatigue and the recovery process

Part B Long Term Preparation
Chapter 5 Long term physiological preparation
Chapter 6 Long term psychological preparation
Chapter 7 Long term technical preparation

Part C Managing Elite Performance
Chapter 8 Centres of excellence
Chapter 9 Technical support

Unit 4 The Development Sports Performer
Chapter 10 The developing sports performer



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