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Cuentos para delfines. Autoestima y crecimiento personal.

  • Badilla Baena, Rosa M., (aut.)
  • Narcea, S.A. de Ediciones
  • 1ª. ed. 4ª. imp.(2003)
  • 112 pages; 22x15 cm
  • Language: Español
  • ISBN: 8427713088 ISBN-13: 9788427713086
  • Cover: Rústica
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  • 11€ 10,45€ 

STORIES FOR THE “DOLPHINS” - Self esteem and personal growth. The teaching of how to be - In the stories for “dolphins” the teaching of essential values of life are included, such as fortitude and self esteem, with the acquisition of knowledge. In this way children while learning to have self confidence, develop a taste for reading and writing, cultivate artistic capacities and awaken and interest for nature and social relations. To achieve this end, each story, created consciously, taking as its source ancestral artistic wisdom, are accompanied by a series of teaching suggestions with the aim of establishing values that constitute the teaching of how to be.
This book is a clarifying response, an instrument for those educators, fathers, mothers and grandparents who are interested that each time there are more children and youth in this society, who succeed in realizing themselves as persons. For those who believe that the solutions are constructed each day and teach learning without fear of the future, this book, full of magic, of hope, but also full with knowledge that comes from experience, fruit of continuous research and of activities that have been much practised with excellent results.


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