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Cognition:International Edition

  • Ashcraft, Mark H., Radvansky, Gabriel A., (aut.)
  • Pearson Education
  • 5ª ED.(2010)
  • 576 pages
  • Language: Ingl├ęs
  • ISBN: 0135081688 ISBN-13: 9780135081686
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For undergraduate level courses in Cognition and Theories of Learning.
The psychology of human memory and cognition is fascinating, dealing with questions and ideas that are inherently interesting, such as how we think, reason, remember, and use language. Using a first person narrative, posing direct questions to the reader, and balancing classic research with cutting edge topics, the author draws in the reader and conveys the excitement of the field.
Reflecting the increasing use of new technologies to study memory and cognition, Ashcraft and the new co-author, Gabriel Radvansky, continue to integrate sections on neurosciences within individual chapter topics.

Provide student with the most up-to-date research and material:
* Thoroughly revised and updated throughout-i.e., false memory research; working memory and individual differences; online investigations of comprehension and reading; and new challenges to the classic research on heuristics in decision making- this offers students current and additional material on important topics and developments central to the field.
* Over 300 new reference citations since the 2002 edition to ensure coverage of cutting edge topics.

Provide students with foundation to be successful in studying cognition:
* Sections on neurocognition are integrated within the individual chapter topics. This shows students how integral the neurosciences are to cognitive science.
* Background information on neurons and the brain (chapter 2) prepares students-without formal coursework on the biological basis of cognition- for the neurocognitive evidence they will encounter throughout the book.
* Accessible writing style draws students into the material so that they can absorb and retain material more easily.
* Balance of classic research and current topics presents students with a manageable mix of material that encourages them to read and remember material.
* In-depth coverage of treated topics provides students with thorough coverage of the most important subject areas.

Pedagogical Features:
* Prove It boxes give students a demonstration project that illustrates the points made.
* Critical terms are highlighted to help students master the terminology.
* Section Summaries enable students to check their understanding and retention of concepts after each major chapter section.

New to this Edition:
* Coverage of issues relating to embodied cognition
* Continued increase in emphasis on neurological measures and findings
* Inclusion of a discussion of trans-saccadic memory
* Updated coverage of attention capture
* Inclusion of issues of negative priming and attentional inhibition
* Explanations of choking under pressure
* Expanded and updated coverage of working memory issues
* Coverage of metamemory issues
* Increased coverage of issues related to emotion and cognition
* Coverage of issues of survival and memory
* Reorganization and updating of research on schemas
* Updated and expanded coverage of human categorization
* Expanded coverage of source monitoring and prospective memory
* Expanded coverage of false memory phenomena
* Updated coverage of autobiographical memory
* Inclusion of discussions of the motor theory of speech perception
* Inclusion of research on language comprehension and situation models
* Inclusion of research on gesture in language comprehension
* Increased focus on fast and frugal heuristics
* Deeper coverage of the use of analogy in problem solving
* Expanded coverage of the role of neuroscience in understanding insight problem solving
* Many more Prove It boxes.



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