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Closed nuclear fuel cycle with fast reactors

  • Evgenei O. Adamov, (aut.)
  • Elsevier Science
  • 1(12/07/2022)
  • 430 pages
  • ISBN: 0323993087 ISBN-13: 9780323993081
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  • 149,24€ 141,78€ 

003cp003e003ci003eClosed Nuclear Fuel Cycle with Fast Reactors: Handbook of Russian Nuclear Power003c/i003e provides unique insights into research and practical activities from leading Russian experts. It presents readers with unprecedented insight and essential knowledge surrounding nuclear fast reactor technologies, as well as novel methods to close the nuclear fuel cycle to achieve cleaner, more environmentally friendly, and more efficient nuclear power. Using the Proryv Project as a framework, the book's contributors provide detailed descriptions of technologies in development in Russia, allowing readers from around the globe to gain a thorough understanding which they can then apply to their own research and practice.003c/p003e 003cp003eNuclear engineers and technologists of fast reactors, advanced reactors and fuel cycles will use this book as a guide to inform new technology development. They will be able to use the experiences from the Proryv Project to drive fast reactor development with closed fuel cycles for the future.003c/p003e 003cbr003e003cbr003e003cul003e 003cli003eProvides a presentation of new nuclear reactor and fuel cycle technologies within the unique framework of Russia's Proryv Project003c/li003e 003cli003ePresents novel technologies to close the nuclear fuel cycle to promote cleaner and more environmentally protective nuclear power003c/li003e 003cli003eIncludes thorough coverage on the topic, including core design, coolants, fuels, accident protection and waste management technologies003c/li003e003c/ul003e


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