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  • Barceló, Elia, (aut.)
  • Editorial Edebé
  • 1ª ed., 6ª imp.(2007)
  • 352 pages; 21x13 cm
  • Language: Español
  • ISBN: 842368718X ISBN-13: 9788423687183
  • Cover: Rústica
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  • 9,95€ 9,46€ 

A thousand years ago, a love story shattered due to misfortune and a curse. Such a malign power that it had managed to retain its spirits generation after generation. And meanwhile, the lovers await ..., condemned to find and lose each other because of jealousy and hate. The knight and the lady. The warrior and the maiden. Until the day, perhaps in our time, a superior, benign power succeeds in breaking the curse. An exciting novel that combines history and fantasy, love and evil, witchery and religion, at the genius hand of Elia Barceló, known as the Black Lady of Spanish literature and winner on two occasions of the EDEBÉ award for young adult fiction. Rights sold to Brazil and The Netherlands.


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