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Alice"s Adventures in Wonderland / Through the Looking Glass

  • Carroll, Lewis, (aut.)
  • Penguin Books Ltd (UK)
  • 356 pages
  • Language: Inglés
  • ISBN: 0141439769 ISBN-13: 9780141439761
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  • 9,55€ 9,07€ 

Bored on a hot afternoon, Alice follows a White Rabbit down a rabbit-hole without giving a thought about how she might get out. And so she tumbles into Wonderland: where animals answer back, a baby turns into a pig, time stands still at a disorderly tea party, croquet is played with hedgehogs and flamingos, and the Mock Turtle and Gryphon dance the Lobster Quadrille. In a land in which nothing is as it seems and cakes, potions and mushrooms can make her shrink to ten inches or grow to the size of a house, will Alice be able to find her way home again?


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